“Wellness, immersion and neuroscience in all senses…”


Among the first examples of sensory swimming pools in the world Plaza Sensory Pool hosted a neuroscientific experimentation on Tuesday 15 May and Thursday 17 May 2018: Experiment #003 Sensory Atmospheres.

An experiment in which Senso and the Hotel Plaza of Abano Terme worked together in synergy to understand if and how visual and auditory stimuli are able to influence the mind, and analyzing the role of sensory perception of immersive contexts in order to evoke precise emotions, feelings and sensations.

Plaza Sensory Pool - Senso Immersive - Mindfulness

The experiment that involved 68 people and lasted about an hour and a half was conducted” by Laura Facci, a neuroscience researcher who recently became part of the Senso team.
During this period of time in the Plaza Sensory Pool, the Atmosphere Mindfulness was projected with colors tending toward blue and green, soft shapes and dilated rhythm, combined with the warm soothing pleasure of thermal waters in order to stimulate a meditation that is similar to Mindfulness.

Senso Immersive - Mindfulness - Plaza Sensory Pool

According to the cognitive sciences, meditation implies a conscious relaxation that accompanies the individual towards an introspective attention, that is, towards greater listening and acceptance of one’s own moods, states of mind, perceptions and internal sensations.

During the two evenings of experiments, the Senso team performed data surveys both with internationally validated questionnaires by expert researchers of Mindfulness and with MUSE, a tool for detecting brain electrical activity.

Both evenings ended with the presentation of the 4th Feel The Taste atmosphere dedicated to the sense of taste and designed to accompany a guided wine tasting tour of the Lantieri de Paratico, Donnafugata and Barollo wineries.

Images, lights and music mesmerized the participants, in an unprecedented evening event in which sensory experiences, experimentation (neuro-scientific) and technological innovation were blended together at a special location: the exclusive Plaza Hotel of Abano Terme.

Hotel Plaza - Esperimento 003 - Senso Immersive-25


“My team and I think that to get an individual emotionally involved, it is crucial to know how the brain functions and understand how it reacts to external stimuli, especially visual and auditory. That is why our experimentation process follows a rigorous scientific method, in which studies of neuroscience, technological innovation and creative thinking complement and enhance each other.”


Mick Odelli

“With experiment #003 Sensory Atmospheres we have attempted to apply the scientific method of controlling the variables in an ecological context, that is, outside the laboratory. This type of experimentation could be more complex, but we consider it to be perfect for directly analyzing the reactions of the people. In fact, placing participants in a real immersive situation can increase the possibility of understanding the effect of our immersive installations in their entirety.”

Laura Facci
Neuroscience Research