A symbolic artwork and heart of the Fashion Research Italy project, the Icona di Donna is a sculpture of light deeply desired by Alberto Masotti, former patron of “La Perla”, which transmits the values and mission of the FRI Foundation, created at Via Fonditore N.12 in the city of Bologna.

Unique in its kind for shape and dimensions, the Icona di Donna is a LED sculpture, a tribute to femininity and the strong bond that unites women with fashion.

Advanced technology, design, and innovation that blend together in an installation that becomes universal and repeals every cultural and linguistic barrier, engaging the senses through the visual and audio suggestions of a digital dress that dresses the sinuous silhouette of the Icona di Donna.

A fabric of illumination that evokes the glitter of diamonds, thanks to the 21,120 LEDs that make up the statue, which creatively illustrates the over 30,000 examples of textile sketches gathered within the Renzo Brandone association acquired by the Foundation.

Among the largest human figure LED sculptures in the world, the Statue of Donna is over ten meters in height. An important achievement that emphasizes the value of a work of art in which the medium anticipates the message and completes it by transforming the icon into a multi-sensorial experience.

The Icona di Donna is the protagonist of the entire FRI teaching and museum center and is visible from all three floors where the Foundation is located. A building with a strong technological mark dedicated to the development of Made in Italy fashion and innovation that extends over 7,000 square meters, distinguishing itself as a virtuous example of industrial and architectural redevelopment.

Artwork as well as an innovative marketing tool, the glowing installation “humanizes” a thought by transforming it into a fascinating and evocative visual statement, ambassador of the Fashion Research Italy project.