The first Immersive Room dedicated to the Tiepolo frescoes.

Villa Valmarana ai Nani, a unique heritage in the world of the artistic history of Venetian villas.
Called “ai nani”, due to the numerous ornamental dwarfs present along the walls, inside it contains one of the largest collections of frescoes painted by Giambattista Tiepolo. It was also the scene of some of the most important historical events from its creation all the way to the present day. It has witnessed invasions, bombings and the signing of important treaties. It has hosted the likes of Goethe, Fogazzaro, and Muttoni.


To give further appreciation to this heritage, Senso Immersive has created an innovative experience, in which one can immerse oneself in the discovery of the Villa and its history: the Immersive Room of Villa Valmarana ai Nani.


The history, art and daily life of the villa have come to life and described themselves, turning into the pulsating souls and cornerstone of an experience in which spectators can immerse themselves, participate and experience thrills and emotions.
The Immersive Room collects original shots, motion graphic effects and representations of the most famous frescoes by Tiepolo.


An immersive storytelling that has transported visitors all along the historic path of the Villa. Starting with Tiepolo, passing by Goethe, Fogazzaro, and arriving at the present day, not before having touched historical moments like the Austrian invasion and the two world wars.

Valmarana-Immersive Room-Senso-Detail-Tiepolo-Motion-Graphics

The installation was designed in full harmony with the location in order to create a perfect synergy between spaces, technology, and immersive experience, literally giving the floor back to the heritage and Villa.