The Immersive Showroom of Porto Cervo, realized with Vedo so technology in collaboration with the Promenade du Port (famous cultural district of Costa Smeralda) and the well-known tattoo artist Mo Coppoletta, is the first example of an immersive showroom in Italy.




The concept behind the Immersive Showroom translates into reality the theoretical reflection and research on immersive retail, which the Senso power team is conducting simultaneously with its innovative hi-tech Teca and Scrigno exhibitors.
The future of the retail market is powerfully heading towards overcoming the mere act 
of purchasing in favor of a greater emotional involvement of the product and its heritage, and an integration between the digital and the real in an experience of multi-channel purchasing.

Modern showrooms and temporary stores are the protagonists of this change, which aims to bring together brands and consumers in a physical space and allow them to emphatically feel a contact with a product through an immersive and engaging purchasing experience, which will allow them to be better acquainted with a brand and the lifestyle it represents.


Immersive Showroom_Promenade


From the desire to create a space, where one can experience innovative and engaging shopping experiences, comes the Immersive Showroom of Porto Cervo, where brand storytelling and marketing of the senses and experience come together in dynamic audio and video projections, stimulating the senses and giving life to emotions, capable of guiding customer behavior, and influencing the perception of the brand.