The Shopping Experience between real and virtual 
Via Tortona 27 – Milan
17 November 2016


Organized by the digital company FiloBlu, “Real Experience of Shopping Experiences” is an event dedicated to exploring the future of the world of retail. In particular, with guests Christina Fontana (Alibaba Group), Vincent Brach (Magento Commerce), Federico Bonelli (The Boston Consulting Group) and Christian Nucibella (FiloBlu CEO), they focused on the importance of the integration of retail and digital channels to further engage the customer and increase the company’s turnover.




In a market such as that of personal luxury goods, worth 323 billion Euro on a global level, the integration between the digital and traditional retail has become a strategic stimulus, which brands should concentrate on in order to offer the customer that multichannel experience that over 80% of them expect. Teca addresses this necessity by creating the perfect meeting point between online and offline communication of a brand.

For the occasion, the tradition and craftsmanship of Santoni shoes blend together the innovation of Senso and the iconic model with the double “Carter” buckle, symbol of excellence of the Made in Italy of Santoni, comes to life within Teca in an immersive and unprecedented shopping experience that highlights the values of the brand and its calling to creating unique luxury shoes.



The shoe comes alive and transforms itself, offering a live preview of different customizations of color and finish achievable through the online configurator developed by FiloBlu. An online configurator that allows customers to create their footwear by selecting designs and colors among the different variations offered and even personalizing the model with their initials.




With its functional dimension and evocative power, Teca is the essential liaison between the real and digital in an experience of multichannel purchases where functionality, storytelling, immersive technology and the wow effect blend together to offer the shopping experience of the future.