Scrigno is a smart and compact innovative exhibitor, fully customizable in form and detail, which, thanks to a patented system of dynamic projections, allows a product to present itself by illustrating its characteristics, potentiality and story.



Patented technology, innovative materials and marketing come together in a hi-tech portable Plug & Play exhibitor, unique and capable of revolutionizing visual merchandising and in-store promotions with creativity and originality.
Just like Teca by Senso, its “older sister”, Scrigno manages to create shopping experiences that create unique emotions, almost magical, allowing you to discover a product, get acquainted with it and fall in love with it.



Brought to life from a seed planted during TEDxVicenza, “Planting the seeds” from the encounter between Mick Odelli and Susanna Martucci (re-evolutionary entrepreneur and CEO of Alisea), Scrigno is a synergy of skills and sharing of ideas for realizing a project from a highly technological and innovative essence: the first window looking out on the future of the world of retail.



Scrigno came to life thanks to the necessity of a dear friend of ours,” Perpetua la matita”, which was to illustrate itself and express values, also very dear to us, linked to the sustainability and revolution when it comes to producing consumer goods. We focus on the need of those who believe in innovation and in the power of storytelling for bringing new solutions to life.”


Mick Odelli

“The design that I created and designed for Scrigno came to life from a continuous dialogue between its hi-tech soul and the will to visually express its refined character and seductive charm. At the same time Scrigno aims to attract attention to the product that is being illustrated within, making it the true and unique protagonist of the immersive experience.”


Elisa Basso
Design Officer