The creative journey of Senso began back in 2015 with the VEDO patent, presented at the world premiere of the 4th edition of Web Summit.

A dynamic video projection system capable of interacting with an architectural structure and its surrounding environment, VEDO creates unique immersive environments with great emotional impact.

The system, completely hidden from the curious eyes of the spectator, blends together architectural design, mapped projections and immersive environments.


During the same year, an application of VEDO suddenly gave birth to ONDA.
The protagonist of the Tortona Design Week 2015, ONDA is an immersive installation designed to give new life to the entrance tunnel of the nhow Milano Hotel. Its fluid and dynamic structure integrates with the service space and increases its value and potential, transforming it into a location that is suitable for hosting events, parties, presentations and marketing initiatives.

Thanks to the ability to fully customize the audiovisual content projected on a building structure, ONDA is versatile and can easily adapt to communicate about the products, history, and values of the most diverse brands.

Onda - Senso - Showreel

The audiovisual experimentations continued with the Tableau project and its artistic Video Mapping that gives exciting new life to two-dimensional paintings that make them appear as if they are literally coming out from the frame.

In 2016 Senso launched and patented TECA, an innovative stand-alone display with a Hi-tech soul, which represents the implementation of the know-how DrawLight achieved in the field of Video Mapping over the years. A technique that is “miniaturized” in a three-dimensional micro-mapping.

A revolutionary patent with a sophisticated design and thanks to its hidden projection system, TECA allows any product to illustrate its story and, with the support of an App, modify its colors and finishes.

Teca - Senso - Showreel

Then the TECA patent gave life to Scrigno, its younger brother, a smart and compact counter display that is able to create unique shopping experiences, where a consumer can discover a product, get acquainted with it and be taken away. The result of an encounter between Mick Odelli and Susanna Martucci, during the first TEDx Vicenza “Planting the seeds”.

A communicating object, Scrigno is a completely customizable display in shape and finish, which allows a product to illustrate its story, describing its complete essence and bringing out the characteristics and values that separates it from the competition.

Scrigno - Senso - Showreel

The latest project realized by Senso is the Icon of Donna, the symbol and beating heart of the Fashion Research Italy project. Unique in its kind in shape and size (with a height of over 12 meters), the Icon of Donna is a sculpture of light that consists of 21.120 LEDs that make up the silhouette.

A tribute to femininity and the bond that has always linked fashion with women, this statue of light is an innovative solution that has highlighted the creative and pragmatic soul of Senso. A soul of true digital Italian artisans.

Icona di Donna - Senso - Showreel

In 2017, the technology of VEDO became functional and therapeutic with the arrival of VEDO Therapy. An innovative sensory experience of wellness that comes to life thanks to the fusion of immersive atmospheres and a therapeutic approach. The experience aims to stimulate the senses thanks to dynamic audiovisual content, developed in collaboration with neuroscience specialists.

Vedo Therapy enriches the traditional concept of a SPA and revolutionizes the way in which we look at and experience relaxation.

The journey of Senso, full of creative ideas and innovative projects, aims to engage the senses and create immersive experiences that can excite and inspire the mind, heart and the senses.