“Neurosciences, emotions and immersive environments”

STATI VISIVI is an experiment that emerged from the synergy between Senso Immersive and the NeuroPsiLab team of the University of Verona, led by Professor Cristiano Chiamulera.

Together the two realities have taken off on a common journey based on a constant dialogue between scientific research and technological revolution in the world of wellness, healthcare, and lifestyle.

Stati Visivi - Neuroscienze - Senso

The STATI VISIVI experiment is dedicated to the research of the perceptive-emotional response to immersion in “wellness environments” conceived and created with the aim of stimulating the senses and arousing mental and emotional wellness. The ultimate goal of this experiment is to experience how immersive environments and experiences can arouse emotions.

On Saturday, March 3, 2018, at the Senso Immersive headquarters, a group of 30 “revolutionary volunteers” had personally tested the VEDO THERAPY Experience. An innovative wellness experience that emerges from the harmony of immersive atmospheres and a therapeutic approach based on the importance of emotions.

Stati Visivi - Neuroscienze - Senso

With this first experimentation, a new collaboration came to life between visionaries and innovative experimenters.

It is only the beginning of a journey that combines neuroscience and immersive media…


“Since the very beginning of our journey, the emotional component has always played an important central role in our production and in the reflection on the power of immersive media. It was the desire to arouse emotions that led us to experiment with new approaches, such as Immersive Storytelling and new solutions such as VEDO THERAPY”, stated Mick Odelli, the founder of Senso who concludes, ”To measure the effectiveness and potential of this type of immersive experiences, we chose to interview the brain.”


Mick Odelli

“Certain spaces and experiences stimulate our recollection of personal stories and memories, pre-conscious re-enactments, which in turn induce reactions and actions in every one of us.”

Senso - Stati Visivi - Cristiano

Cristiano Chiamulera

NeuroPsiLab – University of Verona