Are you ready for it?

Teca is the future of immersive retail.



Patented revolutionary technology, sophisticated and functional design, and
extraordinary scenic impact. Teca is a hi-tech soul exhibitor. Thanks to its hidden and designed ad hoc projection system, it will allow a product to tell its own story and modify live its colors, characteristics and finishes, thanks to the support of an App.



It’s not just an exhibitor, it’s much more. Teca creates unique and unforgettable brand experiences at 360 degrees, where emotional videos, graphics, sounds and special effects blend together, demonstrating exceptional potentiality of immersive retail, a key concept in activities and Senso’s research and development.



Teca is the link between the digital and real world, between a physical and online store. With Teca, digital becomes tangible and a real product becomes “augmented” without the use of devices, modifying their appearances and material right before your eyes.


Mick Odelli

“Teca design came to life from a symbiosis of high-tech, functional requirements and a chic and aggressive appeal that describes and highlights the very best of a product at 360°. This dialogue, which summarizes the numerous souls of Teca, expresses a concept that I very much believe in: innovation is the continuous search for improvement.”


Luisa Vittadello
Design and Technology Officer