A new concept of wellness.


Vedo Therapy is an innovative wellness experience that emerges from the fusion of immersive atmospheres and a therapeutic approach.

The entire experience is created to stimulate the senses thanks to immersive environments and dynamic audiovisual content developed in collaboration with experts in the field of chromotherapy and sound therapy.



On the occasion of Fuori Salone 2017, we gave life to ON House, one of the first
examples of Immersive SPA in Italy and the world.

In the splendid home-studio of Via Passione 8 in Milan, Italy, a place that blends technology and design, we transformed a traditional SPA into a highly immersive and innovative experience in which the soul and body blend together in search of peace of the senses.


For this occasion, the concept of Vedo Therapy was inspired by the Eastern spiritual philosophy of the 7 Chakras that represent the energy centers of the human body.
Each of them is associated with a color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Colors that are based on the palette of natural panoramas and immersive atmospheres designed to stimulate the body and mind.


Vedo Therapy enhances the traditional concept of SPA and revolutionizes how to live and perceive wellness.