What if light was to escape?



During the 4th edition of Web Summit in Dublin, Vedo held its world premiere, illustrating its patented innovative dynamic projection system that will allow you to choose among different atmospheres and transform a space, captivating and transporting you through an experience of the senses from the “depths of space, and the past to the future”.

All just a click away via a smartphone app.



With Vedo, dynamic audio and video content (fully customizable) will transform your living room into a 360° immersive environment. Imagine the peacefulness of a forest, a beautiful Caribbean beach, the top of a mountain, and places to relax and live out the experience of an expansion of the senses. Close your eyes, turn on Vedo and choose your favorite atmosphere. Now reopen your eyes and live the experience.

Dynamic illumination, audio and video content at 360°, interactive environments: Vedo aims to revolutionize the way we conceive light and space. From the application of  Vedo technology comes the concept of the Immersive room (presented for the first time at the Promenade du Port in Porto Cervo) and Onda, a permanent immersive installation designed and realized for providing a new identity to the tunnel of nhow Milano Hotel and one of the current main attractions of the famous fashion & design hotel.